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Saturday, September 01, 2007


Argh we just got the exam timetable... Thank God the science subjects are at the back... Three weeks of exam here... Will need your prayers! Thanks...

Monday 10.9.2007
Bahasa Melayu 2 (0720-0950)
Bahasa Melayu 1 (1015-1230)

Tuesday 11.9.2007
English 1 (0715-0945)
English 2 (0915-1130)
History 1 (1140-1240)

Wednesday 12.9.2007
History 2 (0715-0945)
Mathematics 1 (1000-1115)

Friday 14.9.2007
P. Moral (0915-0945)

Monday 17.9.2007
Mathematics 2 (0715-0945)

Tuesday 18.9.2007
Physics 2 (0715-0945)
Physics 1 (1015-1130)

Wednesday 19.9.2007
Physics 3 (0815-0945)
EST 1 (1015-1130)

Thursday 20.9.2007
Chemistry 2 (0715-0945)
Chemistry 1 (1015-1130)

Friday 21.9.2007
Chemistry 3 (0815-0945)
EST 2 (1015-1115)

Monday 24.9.2007
Add Mathematics 2 (0715-0945)
Add Mathematics 1 (1010-1210)

Tuesday 25.9.2007
Biology 2 (0715-0945)
Biology 1 (1015-1130)

Wednesday 26.9.2007
Biology 3 (0715-0845)


Y12:38 AM

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Haha another day, another birthday to celebrate! Today, dearest Michael turns what, 40? Man you're old... Lolz jk. (He's actually 124 yrs old, but he's posing as a 24 yr old dude....) Anyway, it has been months since he left Malaysia to study MBA in London and I miss him oodles. So here is yet another post dedicated to him on his birthday!

Hermz well what more can I say about Brother? He is a wonderful guy who can turn that frown upside down and be there when you need a friend! He is also a very strong and faithful follower of Christ. He will marvel and inspire you in many aspects, which of course includes in your spiritual life. Oh, he is also the world's greatest debater. So if you are planning to mess with him, I strongly suggest that you choose you words wisely because how can you fight with this guy eh? Trust me, I have lost several times, although there were a few times I was 'victorious'! Haha...

Two of the most adorable guys on Earth! Justin who???? Haha

Words cannot describe how much this guys means to me and a whole bunch of other people. But I am absolutely positively sure that the world would be so different without Brother! He really made a big impact on my life and so therefore he means a lot to me. I hope that he will continue to shine the light and impact more lives wherever he is and in whatever he does. I know he will, because he is blessed by our Father above!

My bday present to u... Beef noodles... OMG I'M SOOOOOOOO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!

Keep shining Brother! Take care and God bless! Muakz....
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Y1:14 AM


Haiz, now that it is Saturday (or Sunday morning), it marks the end of our one week holiday. Holiday? What holiday? I have been studying all week and it is so super frustrating that I can barely get most of the important stuff into my head. Worst of all is that I am quite behind in my studies, even though I have almost completed my form 5 syllabus for all of the subjects. I was hoping to be totally done this holiday. Ah, so much for that happening...

The subject that bites me the most is Chemistry... OMG I totally do not understand that chapter! It is so super confusing and makes no sense to me. Physics is more fun than Chem... I also do not get History. My goodness the stories are more to political history and that is what I hate the most. I wonder how people can get A1 for their History is SPM. I basically have trouble with all the subjects, which sadly includes Biology. As a conclusion, the subjects that I am choking on are (in order) :
-Add Math
I also have not completed the homework that was given to us. Haiz I do not have the time to do them so I am deciding to push it all aside. Huhu Pn Leu is going to kill me...

Apart from studying, I also watched some of the TV shows that I faithfully follow every week. This week was the season finale for Prison Break and Lost. Prison Break was so climatic from the very beginning and the last episode was so 'memperkinteokan'... But the part where Abruzzi chopped off T-Bag's wrist was soooo uncalled for and so grusome even though he deserved it. Then Lost, even though that was the very last episode of the show, it does nothing but rises many other questions regarding the show. I bet I can make a heck long of a list full of unanswered questions about the show. Suspence kills...

Went for BM tuition as usual this morning. Saw Zhia Hwa and Zhi En, which was surprising as they were from Thursday night, but it was nice as I have not seen them in a long while. I got my trial PBK paper back. My gosh my results super sux... I doubt that I can even get an A for my SPM. Ugh the pressure is on dude...

Haiz I have no confidence at all, honestly speaking. Only God can help me... Argh pls HELP ME....


Y12:44 AM

Friday, August 17, 2007


Fuhh... I checked the NS list already. But before I say whether or not I was selected, I want to say a little something that happened to me last Sunday.

I followed my parents to the Catholic Church and they had service as usual. However, the Priest did not gave his sermon as he always did every Sunday. This time, he invited a youth to share a testimony about family life and all that other stuff. So this guy, around 19-20plus went up there and said what he had to say. Honestly, the way he spoke was exactly the way a pastor of a new born church would, and I was dumbfounded! You very seldom come across a Roman Catholic who can speak with such faith and confidence aand I was amazed. I felt encouraged and at that point I knew that there was hope for them yet! Just simply waiting for the day that a miracle would happen like in Johor, based on what Gideon has shared with me.

Anyway, something that Yien (I think that was his name) shared really struck me. He was sharing about the time he was studying in KL, and he had a friend there that was so strong in his faith, he actually prayed for more challenges so that he can grow stronger and closer to God. That really blew me away. Have you ever met anyone who would even dare to blurt out such a prayer? Chances are like, one in a few hundred right? But anyway, I was just awed at Yien's friend. So, after receiving the Holy Communion, we all knelt down to pray, as always. When I was praying, Yien's testimony still rang in my head, and I was so encouraged. And the night before, I was freaking out because of the NS list. I was afraid of getting selected because I have to spend three months in that program. Anyway, as I was knelling down, I told God :

"Lord, going to NS is not my cup of tea. But if I AM selected to go, then it means that You have a reason for wanting me there. And even though
do not like the idea of going, I will go, because You want me there. *pasrah...... lolz*
But if I do not get selected, then it means that You have something else for me outside of NS. So whatever the outcome, please lead me and guide me through this. Give me the strength to go through it."

That was really hard for me to say, especially to the big guy up there. But after hearing Yien's testimony, I was enCOURAGEd and well, the rest was history. So anyway, the million dollar question is,
"Did I get selected for NS?"
The answer is "NoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo........................................" Haha... But I will not really feel "safe" until the selected names were published in the newspaper. About 7 of my classmates were selected, and that is a big deal. Because normally only 1 or 2 will get selected from each class on average. Apparently, this jackpot also happened in other schools and that is really really freaky... Haiz NS... hehe

Abort Baby!!!
We were studying genes and variation during Biology. We learned that Down Syndrome happens during meiosis when an extra chromosome 21 is received by one of the gametes. This means that when the gamete was undergoing meiosis, the two sister chromatids separate (during anaphase II) as usual, and they are pulled apart to the poles by the spindle fibres. But for some unknown reason, one of the chromatids suddenly undergo mitosis (process of photostating itself), and therefore, that is where the extra chromosome comes from. To know more about this disease, click on the link and read it up

Anyway, modern technology these days are so advanced, they allow doctors to determine the health and the chromosomal structure of the growing foetus. In other words, this technology can tell you whether your baby has Down Syndrome or not, and also enable you to take action. Action? What action? Well, abortion, of course. Mothers can choose to keep or abort the baby if it is found to have Down Syndrome.
After the class, I was talking to a few of my classmates and I asked them what do they think of aborting a Down Syndrome foestus. They said it is alright to do so. They procrastinated that statement by saying that it will put the Down Syndrom kid out of its misery, because life is not a easy for them. How could you let it live and let it suffer?
That was their reason, which I thought was really stupid and incompassionate of them. I think that it is wrong to do so. Who are we to decide whether or not another living being should live? But then again, people with this disease are more prone to other types of horific diseases, I can almost understand why they would do such a thing.

But the main point is, where is the morality in this? Which is more humane? To let it live, and then suffer for the rest of its life? Or to kill it before it gets a chance to suffer? Lets not forget that everything and everyone deserves to have his or her chance of happiness, and regardless of whatever physical state they are in. But I cannot stop wondering about this situation. So which is it? Is it right or is it wrong? My guts are telling me that it is wrong (aborting a Down syndrome foetus). Then again, I could be wrong...

Finally, its PARTY TIME!!!
Haiz this Teck Siong. He kept our hamper for all this while... Its the hamper that we won in the Sports Day Marching Competition (third place), and that was in May. Anywa, luckily it kept hanging at the back of his head and he brought it to school today. Dex even called the prefects from 5F and 5G who were involved in the marching. Of course, we did not keep the food to ourselves, so we shared with our friends as well. It was quick and the food was gone in under 15 minutes lolz... I pity Cindy's table because we opened the stuff at her desk and it ended up messy and full of crumbs and stuff. But she did not mind. Haha

Da boys... Attacking the food!!!

Time to eat!!! Dex and Sze Wei...


Y4:26 PM

Monday, August 13, 2007


Finally! After much planning and fuss, we finally had our prefect dinner last night! Earlier in the year, Teck Siong and the gang decided to make me the organiser of the dinner, so I have been spending some time in doing so for the past few months. We decided to have the dinner at the same place as last year, which is at Thian Court, Crown Square. About 56 prefects went, including 14 of the new AJKs, the teachers in charge and the PKs. We also had a few special guests, Pn Ann Natush and Lee Kwan Tuck. Pn Ann is our former PK HEM before she was transferred to another school. Kwan Tuck is the former head prefect in the year 2003. He is currently studying medic in Czech Republic on JPA Scholarship since last September and is back for the holidays (in Czech). He was easy to invite since he is Jia Seng’s cousin.

Anyway, it was fun, but not as crazy as last year. Last year was insane because of Bradley and his gang.
Bradley + Us = Insane
as is the equation
Crazy + Crazy = Insane.
So since Bradley, who was a prefect from a batch before us, is not around this year, all we had was crazy, but it was still fun. The food was great and even though there was a birthday bash going on next door, it did not dampen our fun. We also had lucky draw and a 3kg sponsored cake! Huhu… Then Teck Siong and I went from table to table to do the “yam seng”s. It was quite a scene as they were all shouting their heads off for almost a minute.


The cake and the fish!

The dinner last night could not have been anymore successful if it were not for the people that have helped me tremendously. Mr Tan was a huge help in dealing with the restaurant people on my behalf. He even helped us get that sponsored cake! Teck Siong, Suria, Cindy, Nancy, Dexter and Jia Seng were my advisors and the people that I turned to when I need help, advice and support on a decision that was needed to be made. Not forgetting Yu Full’s people, who are also my people! He and his AJK did a good job in helping me with the dinner stuff.

Ok enough talk… Time for the pictures!

Mei Fang, me and Janet!

Siaw Feng, Hui Chin, me, Angelina and Samantha!

Me and Dexter! Haiz sit with him again... Haha... jk Blackie

Suria and I

Me and Future-Dr. Lee Kwan Tuck! Hehe... Yes, I know, height difference is OBVIOUS....

Teck Siong and I... Wah.. So cute de.. Hahaha

Muek... Jia Seng and I... He kek cute again....

Playing handphones!! Sam and I...

Nancy and I...

Cindy and I... Haiz they are sooo freakin cute la

Siau Di-Di, Hua Yong and I... So cute.... hehe

Crazy people... Suria's idea...



Y5:08 PM

Sunday, August 12, 2007




Argh... I was chatting with my classmate mere moments ago, and he told me the absolute worst thing I have ever heard in my entire life... The National Service list is out!!! According to my friend, a few of my other classmates were selected to join this program. I will not mention their names as some of them wanted it to be confidential.

This is so weird. My mum told me that about 11, ooo people have been chosen to join this program. I have heard from many people who said that the list will be out on the internet on Monday, and today is like, Saturday. At first I thought that my friend was pulling my leg, but after confirming with another person, it really is out! Haiz. Then I learned that they check their selection by using their IC numbers. Which brought me back to what my tuition friend, Theresa, said. She said that whoever checks their selection online using their IC number will be automatically chosen, even if they were not in the first place. Sounds like a rumour right? But then, as I was chatting with my classmate just now, I sat back and analysed the whole situation. All of my friends that checked the selection using their IC numbers WERE selected to join the program! Thus, it freaks me out even more, and I really do NOT want to go, so the conclusion is, I will NOT, I repeat, will NOT check mine out online using my IC number. I will just wait until the newspaper comes out.

Oh the horror... The horror...


Y12:05 AM

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Da da da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da
Da da da da

After 18 years, it finally happened… It’s the Simpsons Movie! This crazy movie is super funny although there were a few indecent scenes. Anyway, if you have been following the series, you will find no difficulty in understanding most of the scenes, especially the characters! The movie has all the usual stuff : Homer screws up, Marge gets mad, Bart goes through a phase, Lisa is trying to save the environment, and baby Maggie still can’t talk.

Among my favourite lines and dialogues are:
Marge : How did the pig tracks get on the ceiling?
Walks into the living room. Homer in the middle of the room, holding the pig upside down and making it walk on the ceiling.
Homer : Sings Spider pig, spider pig. Does whatever a spider pig does. Can he swing from a web? No he can’t, cuz he’s a pig. Look ooooooout… He is a spider pig…

Above, Homer accidentally hammered his eye. Bart laughs. Homer strangles Bart...
Homer : Strangle I'll teach you to laugh at something that's funny....

Bart skatesboard butt naked to Krusty Burgers. Passes Little Ralphie
Ralphie : I like men now.

Homer and Spider Pig eating a carrot

Homer and Spider Pig watching TV (guy kissing a horse). Both laughs and Homer falls from the sofa. Stares at pig
Homer : Maybe we should kiss to break the tension...

Some other funny parts was when Nelson the bully laughed his infamous laugh at naked Bart who was chained to a pole at Krusty Burgers. And when Homer did the ephiphany dance with the eskimo lady, and when he whipped the dogs as they dragged him along Alaska, and when Grandpa Simpson got a revelation from God in the church, and also when Homer named the pig Harry Plopper and so much more. I watched the movie three times, and I still can’t get enough of it! Haha…


Y5:22 PM

Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Kang Hong............
Happy birthday to you.........................

Today we celebrate our dear friend's birthday. His name is Kho Kang Hong, but I like to call him Mr. Kho for fun. Lolz. Mr Kho is a very fun guy to be with. Lots of laugh, and more laughs, and then even more laughs. A very cool guy and nice to talk to. One thing about Kang Hong is that he likes to laugh at me... Hermz... Odd... Haha

About ten of us decided to buy something for him in conjuction to his birthday. We debated about what to get for him and till the day before, we still could not come to any conclusion. Liu Ann suggested that we beat him up, send him to the hospital, then pay for his medical bills as his birthday present! Haha, we were esperate... (Kang Hong actually found the idea very interesting when we told him about it). Anyway, I managed to find something for him in the end. Then I put it in a box and wrapped it up with lots of layers of newspaper before finishing off with a nice present wrapper. Newspaper? Lolz... Just to pull his leg. Then today he got slapped several times by us! (Its a birthday tradition to slap the birthday person on the face)

Kang Hong and his prezzies....

Kang Hong, Sin Chern and Michelle Wong with their Chinese Competition trophies! Mr Kho can stil get prez from the school for his birthday wor...

Groupie picture! Zhuang Tak, Kang Hong, Sze Nee, Sin Chern, Michelle Sim, Sze Wei, Sam and Michelle Wong

Anyway, I am very happy and glad to have known this birthday boy! Since form 1 oh... I know that he can make it big as long as he keeps being who he is and work hard in everything he does! The world would be super boring if Mr Kho is not around to share the laughter with! Lolz
Happy birthday Mr Kho!

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